Лого на Софийска Градска Художествена Галерия
Анимация по време на зареждане


10 March 2004 - 26 March 2004


The year of 2004 is connected with 800 years from the taking over of Constantinople by the army of the Fourth Crusade. The Ivan Duichev Centre of Slavic and Byzantine Research commemorated the event by the Speech and Image exhibition, with one more activity from the agreement concluded in 2003 with the Sofia City Art Gallery aiming to popularize art created in Bulgarian lands and on the Balkans (in 2003 engravings by Hristophor Jeraphovich were shown - a donation by His Holiness The Patriarch of Serbia Pavle, and also works by the contemporary Serbian graphic artist Velko Mihaylov).
Speech and Image includes more than 150 exponents, directly entered the Professor Ivan Duichev Centre of Slavic and Byzantine Research or through the Elena and Ivan Duichevi Foundation after the year 2000, and private persons. They have not been published yet in catalogues or other editions. This is valid for Pavel Panov’s private collection (registered as № 1 of the ‘Stara Sofia’ Municipal enterprise, Sofia Museum of History) and Roumen Manov’s and Petar Hristov’s collections. There are only two panels dating back from 12th century, taken out of the cover of an old-print book, go out of chronological timing of the period between 15-20th century. The rest of the exponents comprise not only 19th but also 20th century. 

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