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MEETING POINT Svetozara Alexandrova. Painting

01 April 2004 - 01 May 2004


The painter Svetozara Alexandrova realizes this project with her typical straightforwardness of the means of expression. The initial collision with this approach leads to a tense perception.
As a starting material for her works were used passport photos – one of the most standard identification documents, which the author turns into fine art. On one of these two big canvases a woman is painted who has involuntarily closed her eyes. This moment turns into a detail of a whole sequence of microscopic movements. Caught by the lens, it is the missing chain of information, which takes the document beyond validity. In another work a man is pictured in between the blinking of the eyes. Tangible are the signs of the advancing age on the faces of both of them, faces visibly unbeautiful and too specific.
The sixteen much smaller in terms of format works represent a multitude of faces of young men also made of standard passport pictures. In these series the standard was used as an instrument stressing the individuality. Each face stands out being different and unique. These bright young faces are present with almost an exorcist strength compared to the enormous disharmonic masks of the man and the woman and they make space for serenity between them.
Svetozara Alexandrova has the ability to stare in this layer in which the latent is transparent and to enforce the doubt in it by ripping it shown. She takes it out methodically through the framing through the purely suggestive image and shaping it with the strength of painting. Thus the suspicion on the internal life stands out summoned by the externally expressed.

Vela Mlechevska

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