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Анимация по време на зареждане

MEETING POINT Ivan Kanchev. Tactile Ceramics

27 April 2004 - 20 May 2004


Art for the blind. This is the shortest description of the project, on which Ivan Kanchev has been working for seven years now and which may reasonably be defined as unique. There have not been such projects in Bulgaria and according to the artist’s research, his ceramics has no analogue in the world.
Ivan Kanchev started his work on the project as a second-year Ceramics student (1997) at the National Art Academy. He conducted profound research showing that hands are the blinds’ most important organs of perception. In order to experience pleasure from the contact with a certain shape, the latter has to evoke pleasant feelings and warmth as well as to call forth a sense of security and tranquility, to be firm – the blinds’ aesthetical criteria for the beautiful are determined by the contact with a smooth, full and firm form. The artist unites in his works the positions of both the sighted and the blind, thus striving for uniting and elimination of the boundaries of difference.

Svetla Petkova

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