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MEETING POINT Nedko Jechev. Kinetic Objects

22 December 2004 - 16 January 2005


The exhibition of Nedko Jechev includes paintings and kinetic objects: bamboozling mechanisms, connected through the laws of Physics, movement and center of gravity.
The object as an expressive means is disused or ripped out of its typical context, isolated from its own meaning. The object has become such that we have never seen it before– “afascinated” (Gianni Rodari) and placed in new ratios and proportions, with its picturesque definiteness – old door handles and saws, forks, shoes and slats, parts of mechanisms and wheels – each one of them with its own look and sound, with its musical rhythm during the propelling process. Obviously, inspiration can steal into the ears, too. Probably this is why the installations of Nedko Jechev take hold of the senses; rivet the attention with its real presence, with what they are. They do not prove anything and are not soaked in ideological pathos. They are created for fun, for beauty …… ”Pastime for lazybones” that does not involve any rigorous thinking.
Through his work, the author has reached that wisdom familiar to children in the game with useless at first sight things that actually make much more sense than we suppose. The viewer, free to choose, can obey their suggestions – the bird trying to fly, but in vain, the black sense of humor of the fish, “The wings of desire ”, which will never fly above the eye level. On the other hand, he can also show off and ‘play’ with the moving fish, wings and shoes.
The action with the accordion (together with Rhin Yamamura), named “Fish thrown out of the water”, has a direct logical and conceptual link with the installations. Here, however, the human figure is the mechanism driving the music instrument that looks as if it is breathing. 

Dragomira Simeonova 

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