Лого на Софийска Градска Художествена Галерия
Анимация по време на зареждане

DIMITAR KIROV a jubilee year ...1953-2003...

10 May 2005 - 05 June 2005


Dimiter Kirov- Dikiro will celebrate his seventieth anniversary on 20 May 2005. On this occasion, the painter is exhibiting selected paintings, created during the period 1953- 2003, in the Sofia City Art Gallery. The majority of them belong to the author.
The painter was born in Istanbul. In 1959, he graduated in Monumental Painting from The Sofia City Academy of Arts with Professor Georgui Bogdanov. He works and lives in Plovdiv. He is an honorary member of the ‘Nika Kai’ Group of Japanese Painters. 
His first steps in painting have coincided with the period of the bright and ardently disputed new gropings of Bulgarian expressive art. Together with his young colleagues, friends and fellow-citizens Hristo Stefanov, Georgui Bojilov, Yoan Leviev and Encho Pironkov, he founded an artistic society which we still call ‘The 60’s School of Plovdiv’. 
Figurativeness and abstract complement each other in the style of Dimiter Kirov. He decomposes the actual shape in order to build new shapes in his own way. In the years, his creative work has become thematically connected with several cycles offering rich expressive and plastic opportunities- music and ballet, different layers (historic and cultural), burnt icons.
He has tens of decorative-monumental works of art in his biography and also over 40 exhibitions in Bulgaria and abroad. His works of art are owned by the National Gallery of Art, the Sofia City Art Gallery, galleries in the country, museums and private collections in Bulgaria, Armenia, Belgium, Venezuela, Germany, Georgia, Greece, Denmark, Spain, Canada, Cyprus, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, France, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan. 
He has won prestigious state and painters’ awards among which: The Sofia City Award - 1967; The Great Prize of the Town of Plovdiv- 1967; the Award named after Vladimir Dimitrov Maistora for the ‘Requiem for the Samuil Warriors’ - 1981; The ‘Zahari Zograf’ Great National Prize– 1983; The ‘Zlatyui Boyadjiev’ Great National Prize – 1986, etc.
Without prudery, the painter says: „Those who think I am a millionaire are right. I really am a millionaire as I have the largest collection of paintings by Dimiter Kirov.”

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