Лого на Софийска Градска Художествена Галерия
Анимация по време на зареждане

Svetlana Todorova - Svet 33 plus/minus 3 portraits of friends of mine

20 September 2005 - 16 October 2005


Svetlana Todorova was born in 1970. In 1996 she graduated from the National Art Academy, Sofia, with major Graphic Art, and then her interests led her to painting, sculpture, drawing and photography. She has had numerous personal shows and participations in joint projects in Bulgaria and abroad. She has won awards from the ‘Photovacation’ contest and the contest UBA for her stay at the Cite des Art studios in Paris. At the end of 2004, the Sofia Art Gallery presented her with the ‘Passions’ photographic exhibition, within the ‘Dating place’ sequence. 

For her new project named “33 plus/minus 3 portraits of friends of mine”, Svetlana Todorova found her inspiration two years ago in Paris, while working at the Cite des Art studios in Paris. Meeting her coevals from all over the world, the exceptional tolerance of relationships with people coming from different cultures, religion and ethic origin, living in a place with inherited artistic layers and dramatic history, the symbiosis of past, present and future, the life pulsating with rose scent, the feeling of love and peace – this is what fascinates the artist. Thus, her desire to create the “33 plus/minus 3 portraits of friends of mine” canvasses is born, and in them she talks about the moods, relationships, and events connected with her friends at the age of 33 plus/minus 3 years. They all have different ethic origin, most are into art, possess an exceptional intellect, talent and kindness. They have their own individuality and uniqueness. They are the face of the world – the young and mature person - creating, searching and loving. 

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