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ACTION: CONTEMPORARY ART Sasho Stoitzov. Waterfall

11 March 2006 - 01 April 2006


The aim of “Action: Contemporary Art” is to enrich the “Contemporary Art and Photography” collection of Sofia Art Gallery and to stimulate the most innovative trends in Bulgarian art. It is the gallery staff’s deep conviction that the mission of the museum is to follow, choose and preserve the best examples of both the past and present art history. The absence of a Museum of contemporary art makes this function even more necessary under the existing circumstances. For more than 20 years several generations of artists have been working in the field of the modern means of expression without their works being placed in museum collections. This disconcerting fact makes us undertake more active steps towards the preservation of this particular art.

After the exhibitions of Nadezhda Oleg Lyahova and Boryana Dragoeva in 2004 and 2005, Sofia Art Gallery is now showing the donation of artist Sasho Stoitsov. The "Waterfall" installation includes acrylic board plastic pieces, drawings, oils and prints.

Sasho Stoitzov’s name (b. 1952) is among the most renowned ones in the history of contemporary Bulgarian art. Having started his career as a painter he was among the first artists to respond to the changes in the late eighties of the 20th century. His works dating from that time are among the classics of the Bulgarian avant-garde. Sasho Stoitzov is one of the few artists whose name is associated with the notion of Soc-Art. 

Since 1998 the artist has been living and working in New York. After a few years’ break Sasho Stoitzov made a striking comeback to his homeland first with the "Naturally" exhibition in the National Art Gallery in 2004 and then with the "Waterfall" 
exhibition (first shown in Solers Gallery in 2005).

With "Waterfall" Sasho Stoitsov has tried to create a minimalist depiction of nature and in a specific, unobtrusive yet expressive manner to convey the sense of elemental power and authenticity.

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