Лого на Софийска Градска Художествена Галерия
Анимация по време на зареждане

SELF - PORTRAIT The visible image and the hidden meaning

13 June 2008 - 24 August 2008

The self-portraits of Bulgarian painters gathered in the Sofia City Art Gallery collection have been created over a long period of time from the end of 19th till the beginning of 21st century. 

The collection captures artistic, cultural and spiritual projections of the self-portrait as a specific art genre. The circle of authors gradually grows with time and reveals known, less known and long forgotten or already strange to the public images of Bulgarian painters from different generations.

The exhibition of self-portraits of Bulgarian painters comprises more than 200 works of 190 authors. Self-portraits of all genres – full-body, head and shoulders, half length or head only, in different postures and close-ups, including additional images, objects, scenes, attires, iconic signs that offer various opportunities to step into the personal world of the artist.

Canvases submerge the spectator in the image of the painter but also tell stories, guide, imply, reveal in a captivating way obvious things left unnoticed. There are no style limits. The exhibited works are diverse, each with its own language of expression, plastic intimations and visions, from succinct forms to voluble details. The ‘obscure sense’ is transposed through and beyond the visible image, it goes outside space, crosses the fixed genre using various means of expression.

A special catalogue has been issued for the exhibition.

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