Лого на Софийска Градска Художествена Галерия
Анимация по време на зареждане

ON A SHEET OF PAPER Prints and drawings from the collection of Sofia City Art Gallery

opening: 31 March, Tuesday, 6 pm

31 March 2009 - 26 April 2009

The exhibition presents 80 prints and drawings by 52 artists chosen among 3300 works kept in storage at Sofia City Art Gallery. Some of them have been displayed in certain general exhibitions, yet such a complete exposition with an accent on the specific features of the two genres hasn’t been set up for more than a decade.

The exhibition reflects different periods of the development of graphic art and drawing in Bulgaria. The selection aims at emphasizing the artistic quality and the variety of technical and artistic means of expression. The works displayed give an idea of the stylistic changes in the development of Bulgarian art from the dawn of the twentieth century till nowadays as well as of the dynamics in the use of different techniques (in graphic art these are dry point, etching, lithography, aquatint, monotyping, woodcut, mezzotint, vernis mou; in drawings – pencil, crayon, ink, chalk, tempera).

Some of the works included are by artists emblematic for the history of Bulgarian art from the first half of the 20th century: Vassil Zahariev, Ivan Milev, Nikolay Rainov, Vesselin Staikov, George Papazoff, David Peretz. What follows is some of the authors who have determined the trends in our art and have given a serious push to the development of graphics in terms of stylistic variety and techniques since the sixties of the 20th century till the present day. The exhibition presents Todor Panayotov, Borislav Stoev, Zlatka Dubova, Anastasia Panayotova, Roumen Skorchev, Peter Chouklev, Maria Nedkova, Atanas Neikov, Hristo Neikov, Simeon Venov and others. The next generations of artists, whose work has been contributing to the enrichment of the two genres, have also been included: Ivan Ninov, Georgi Lechev, Nikolai Maistorov, Svetla Georgieva, Hristo Kurdzhilov, Vassil Popov, Stefan Bojkov, Yavora Petrova, Valentin Stefanoff, Nina Kovacheva, Milko Pavlov, Emil Mirazchiev and others.

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