Лого на Софийска Градска Художествена Галерия
Анимация по време на зареждане


27 June 2001 - 31 August 2001

This is the first time when the artist Hristo Stefanov presents his huge comprehensive creative work collected on the occasion of his 70th Jubilee. The admirers of this famous Bulgarian artist will meet with his versatile creative work and will trace his exceptionally rich artistic life from his earliest ages (his first picture preserved was drawn when he was 12 – a remarkably precise and full of life portrait of the artist’s uncle), through the popular then Plovdiv period from the 60s, to his most recent paintings. The main line in the author’s creative evolution is found in his numerous portraits – a genre, in which Hristo Stefanov is a renowned master. Among the celebrities of national and international scale that attracted the painter’s trained eye, there are a lot of contemporaries who will have the chance ‘to meet themselves’ through the prism of the artist’s expressive painting. Favorite themes in Hristo Stefanov’s figurative compositions are his family, traces left from human suffering, poetic optimism, nature. The topics provoking restlessness are predominant in his latest painting cycles- the end of the century, entomological compositions, landslides. Abundant exquisite small-scale still life works create vivid accents. Using canvass or paper, sumptuous oil paste, liquid water color or fine nib Hristo Stefanov is an indisputable master; close in his sensitivity both to the reserved Bulgarian iconic painting heritage and to the emotional Latin American and Spanish artistic expression, but preserving the intransitive individualism of his strong creative personality through his whole artistic development.

INSIDE THE CONTEXT OF THE EXPRESSIVE AND OUTSIDE IT Vesselin Nachev, Ivaylo Vasilev, Ivan Kunchev, Krassimir Roussev, Roumen Bogdanov

01 June 2001 - 01 July 2001

On the surface, this exhibition appears to be a fortuitous meeting of artists from different generations and with different plastic methods. This is an exposition with a conglomerate structure and despite its uniting motto; it should not be referred to as a search of relation, proximity or similar concepts and ideas. 

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