Лого на Софийска Градска Художествена Галерия
Анимация по време на зареждане

OUT OF MYSELF Mariela Gemisheva. Danail Starbanov

18 April 2002 - 28 April 2002

To experts and viewers Mariela Gemisheva is known as a prominent fashion designer working in the field of experimentation. 

In the present exhibition- photographic installation, we are going to see her in a new role– as a model. This is a new role for her before Danail Shturbev’ s camera– and experiment with the different states of the female image carrying the risk regardless occupation, age, physique, and social pertinence. 
The photographic installation provokes our traditional notion of it. It consists of 13 colorful posters, organized in the space as a ‘static’ fashion show.

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