Лого на Софийска Градска Художествена Галерия
Анимация по време на зареждане

VIRTUAL AND REAL International exhibition small-scale graphic art

11 June 2002 - 07 July 2002


Project: LESEDRA Gallery 
Co-organizer: Sofia Art Gallery 

In November 2001, the requirements for participation in the exhibition of the Lesedra virtual gallery were announced. Thanks to the already established contacts, information appeared in several specialized sites and in one of the most important editions for contemporary graphic art- The Printmake Today magazine. This prompted the participation of artists from 11 countries – a natural start. In the meantime, the exhibition has become popular among Bulgarian artists, with special attention to young authors and students; their participation is a high-quality one. 
Result of the Internet contacts are the members of the international jury: Professor Catherine Reeves, Pardue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, the USA; Ms An Desmet, chief editor of the Printmaking Today magazine, London, Great Britain; Professor Barbara Madsen, Payson Gross School, Rudgers University, New Jersey, the USA; professor Akira Kurosaki, Seika University, Kyoto, Japan, and Professor Roumen Skorchev, Bulgaria. 

The SAG participates in the present exhibition with works of the graphic fund collection. Small-scale graphic art works of some of the most important names in Bulgarian art from the first half of ХХ century are included: Pencho Georguiev, Gorge Papazov, Nikolay Raynov, Petar Morozov.


04 June 2002 - 28 June 2002

Despite his diploma with major Graphic Art, as an artist Vladimir Ivanov is well-known with the diverse nature of his creative life. With his explicit interest towards contemporary expressive means, he chose the hard but favorable course in search of the contents and shape of an artwork with the ambition to be ‘with histime’. The exposition presents 25 years of work HERE AND BEYOND: on the border of two periods, on the border of two worlds, on the border of two spiritual territories – that of real life and the border of the endless fields of poetic imagination. The means vary – drawings, graphic art, plastic art works, objects, installations – towards the conceptual in art, whose territory emphasizes on the idea of the work, on the poetic paradox, and the plastic pun and through the lay with the ephemeral suggests the perpetual meaning of eternal human values.

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