Лого на Софийска Градска Художествена Галерия
Анимация по време на зареждане

Nadia Rozeva Green and Anastasia Andreeva MEDALS AND METALS

20 October 2006 - 03 November 2006


The idea of a joint exhibition was a chance result of some creative talks and work after graduating in metal art from the National Academy of Arts. The two artists decided that a joint presentation of two authors would be a real challenge and a sort of an experiment with the discovery of a common concept and the accent on the similarities and differences between them. Thus they arrived at the idea of Medals and Metals – an interesting insight into the inner world of the authors expressed through the multifaceted nature of metal.

The artists have been intrigued by the contrast resulting from the juxtaposition of the cast brass medal and the manufactured steel forms with other non-traditional materials. Another interesting aspect is the associative transition of one form into another and their mutual complementation regardless of their intrinsic difference. 

Anastasia Andreeva presents a series of cast medals one of which called Real Unreality deconstructs the shapes of a well-known monument in Sofia in an extraordinary way. She also shows her newly constructed steel plastic pieces with optical details.

Nadia green displays cast medals in contrast with other materials and bigger formats.

LES YEUX OUVERTS OPEN EYES Benetton celebrate their 40th anniversary with a photo exhibition

17 October 2006 - 03 November 2006


The current exposition is dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the trademark and includes its most famous advertising messages. 
There are presented more than a hundred photos which trace the major events in the history of the trademark – archival photographs, models who have posed for Benetton, social campaigns with the World Food Organization and one of the most outrageous advertising projects.

Atanas Jekov (1926-2006) Painting

12 October 2006 - 03 November 2006


The exhibition is dedicated to the artist’s 80th birthday and traces his long creative career with 70 paintings from different periods. 

Atanas Jekov is an artist with a style of his own. His feeling of color and form stayed with him throughout the years in his continual and unwavering quest for expression all of which made him a striking figure in Bulgarian art. His works are inspired by a reality that he experienced and combine analytical insight and in-depth expressive emotion. 

The eminent landscapist Atanas Jekov achieved expressiveness, force and depth in still-life and portrait too. His controlled talent of a painter combined with the temperamental sense of color and made his paintings an emotional confession to a rich and harmonious reality that vibrates with life, light and passion. 

It is mainly oil landscapes that were selected for the exhibition at the Sofia Art Gallery. The paintings reveal the discoveries and the artistic and human messages of the artist who passed away a short time ago. 


Atanas Jekov was born on 26 August 1926 in the town of Karnobat. He graduated in painting from the Art Academy in Sofia as a pupil of Prof. Iliya Petrov and Prof. Panayot Panayotov (1947–1953). Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists (1953). Director of the Sofia City Art Gallery (1965–1972). Tutor at the Painting Department of the Art Academy (1972–1986).
His works were displayed in over 45 general art exhibitions and collective exhibitions, international exhibitions and pleinairs: Youth Festival in Bucharest (1953); Paris, Galerie Cherpantier (1963); Berlin (1967); Tokyo (1970); Szeczin (1972); Eisleben, Germany (1979) and other. He had more than 25 one-man exhibitions in and outside Bulgaria.
He organized an art gallery in his native town, Karnobat (1972) and donated 56 miniature paintings and graphic drawings to his native place in 1982 and 1996.
Awards for painting: the Award of the Union of Bulgarian Artists (1965); General Art Exhibition – Smolyan (1968); Honorary Sign of Szeczin (1972); Order Cyril and Methodius, first class (1967), and other.
His works are possessions of the National Art Gallery, the Sofia City Art Gallery, ministries, museums and art galleries in and outside Bulgaria – in Poland, Germany, Russia, Slovakia, Greece, Japan and elsewhere.
He died in 2006 in Sofia.

Andrey Yanev Silent Light. A Journey to the Holy Mountain Atos

11 October 2006 - 03 November 2006

The idea behind the creation of Silent Light exhibition originated after Andrey Yanev’s journey to the Holy Mount of Athos as part of the New Bulgarian University project Mount Athos in Bulgarian Culture and Literature.

Andrey Yanev has symbolically divided the exposition into two parts. The water-colours present realistic landscapes which introduce the viewers to the geographic contours of the Holy Mount. The accent of Silent Light exhibition has been put on painting. Through it the author tries to convey in colour and images the spirit, the atmosphere and the power of the divine presence on Athos.

The current exhibition gives us the unique opportunity to experience the emotional and spiritual impact of Mount Athos. Let us “listen” to the silent light which pervades the artist’s canvasses and makes us look deep inside ourselves.

Andrei Yanev was born in Bourgas. He graduated from the National Art Academy in Mural Painting under Prof. Mito Ganovski. He also specialized in Artistic Enamel under Prof. Talaschuk at Vera Mihova Arts Academy in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists.
Between 1992-2006 he has held over 25 one-man exhibitions in the country and abroad. He has taken part in a number of general exhibitions, contests and plenary exhibitions.
Works of his are to be found at the National Art Gallery in Sofia, SINAIDE GHI foundation in Rome, Italy and the art galleries of Balchik, Kavarna, Vratsa and others.



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