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27 February 2009 - 22 March 2009

Tim Ulrichs is one of the most prominent conceptual artists of the 20th century. Born in 1940 in Berlin, he starts his career as an artist in the early 1960’s, quickly drawing the public’s attention with his actions and manifestos.

Tim Ulrichs’ works belong to a variety of genres: sculpture, photography, collage, installation and performance. His concept of art is simple: to him life is art and art is life. He calls his art works „total art”. His place of residence frequently turns into an art gallery and he likes exhibiting himself like a work of art. He even registered himself in the District Court of Hannover (the city he lives in) under No 1535 in the register of specimens thus proclaiming his uniqueness as a work of art in accordance with the provisions of the law. 

Tim Ulrichs is an artist and thinker considering art to be first and foremost an intellectual act. He focuses on routine repetitive situations in everyday life, nature and language, being taken for granted, to take them back to their original interconnection through his specific thinking and perception, starting off a process that encourages viewers and readers to make sense of them. Tim Ulrichs does not only have the gift of using his intelligence and humour to give us food for thought, but also the gift of captivating us by placing his own self in the centre of each of his interpretations.

The exhibition, organized jointly with the Goethe Institute – Bulgaria, features a selection of the artist’s original work from the Robert Simon collection in the Celle Museum of Art. „His work and activity place him among the most charismatic modern German artists. As an autodidact and an anarchistic and provocative thinker, Ulrichs not only challenged on numerous occasions the aesthetic framework of his own works, but, also, I think, turned all art upside down, giving it a pitiless shake, to head along the path of a new understanding of art.”, says the collector about Tim Ulrichs.

The exhibition features 60 works of art including drawings, collages, objects and installations created in the period between the late 1960’s and the present day. 

An exhibition catalogue is available.

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