Лого на Софийска Градска Художествена Галерия
Анимация по време на зареждане


12 July 2011 - 28 August 2011

The exhibition features works by Otto Horeishi, Josef Oberbauer, Ivan Murkvichka, Tsanko Lavrenov, Sirak Skitnik, Ivan Milev, Detchko Ouzounov, Ivan Penkov, Ivan Lazarov, Ari Kaluchev, Boris Denev, Vladimir Loukarov, Nikola Kozhouharov, Atanas Mihov, Pencho Georgiev, Mario Zhekov, Boris Mihaylov, Ivan Hristov, Simeon Velkov, Ivan Getsov, Naoum Hadzhimladenov, Peter Morozov, Yordan Kyuvliev, Marin Georgiev – Oustagenov, Georgi Hadzhidimitrov, Vladimir Rilski, Slavi Genev, Nayden Petkov, Zdravko Alexandrov, Vasil Marinov,`Radi Nedelchev, Dimitur Andreev, Veselin Paroushev, Maxim Tsankov, Georgi Nikolov, Vladimir Peshev, Boycho Grigorov, Lika Yanko, Andrey Daniel, Cyril Gerasimov, Dimitur Stefanov, created over various periods between the late 19th and the late 20th centuries to take us back in time and remind us about the significant role these holy places that monasteries and churches are, have played for our spirituality, morals, and the virtues of the Christian Orthodox faith throughout more than a thousand years of history. 

The exhibition aims to reveal how and the extent to which Orthodox Christianity and secular art are related, while raising numerous questions of various nature, which require comprehensive, in-depth answers. Why would only individual artists or groups of artists be inspired by Orthodox Christianity, by churches and monasteries, by biblical stories? How, when and why did we come to ignore our Christian heritage and the individuals related to it, as well as its unique art, literary and philosophical works?

The exhibition features a selection of more than 120 works belonging to the genres of oil painting, water color painting and sculpture, created by different generations of artists. Their simultaneous presentation helps trace yet another trend in Bulgarian art. For some artists, interest in churches and monasteries was related to a comprehensive study of the past, as they believed that it to be the source of our native heritage, providing the basis for modern art. Others demonstrated interest in church painting either sporadically, or permanently, an interest also reflected in their secular works. Still others, came in touch with the spirit of Orthodox Christianity by mere accident. Yet, all their paths crossed in the temple, in the act of creating artworks telling stories about churches and monasteries where Bulgarian cultural heritage and national spirit were created and preserved. These are works that we classify as secular, which give off an authentic light of their own within the context of the exhibition. They give us yet another chance to get near the Christian truth, as they appeal to people’s sense and sensibility. 

The exhibition comprises part of the ancillary events for the 22nd International Congress of Byzantine Studies. An exhibition catalogue is available.

Exhibition curator: Adelina Fileva

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