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20 March 2014 - 20 April 2014

Nikolay Maistorov is one of the most prominent representatives of contemporary Bulgarian art, standing out with his highly distinctive memorable style. His artwork is characterized by sharpness, expressiveness, and strong emotion, captivating the viewer in a way that leaves no room for indifference.

This SCAG exhibition, which was inspired by the Book of Revelation or the Apocalypse of John the Apostle, focuses on “the things which must shortly come to pass“. The cycle “Apocalypse Now or Forever“ features more than 100 paintings, graphic artworks and drawings, created over the period 1993-2013, which have been displayed in chronological order. Each chronological period features 22 artworks, which corresponds to the number of chapters in the “Apocalypse“, to the exception of the graphic cycle created in  2000, which features 23 lithographs, two of which are based on the chapter “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse“. The oldest thematic cycle, created over the period 1993-1994, is characterized by brighter contrasting colors, compared to the canvases created in 2011 through 2013. The preparatory drawings drafted in 2010 for the final cycle of paintings (2011-2013) are particularly interesting, as they reveal a somewhat unknown aspect of the artist’s work. It is in this type of works that the artist’s strong emotion is revealed, as well as his attempt to capture his “visions“ and lend maximum expressiveness to the latter.

The exhibition reveals the different stages in the artist’s creative process, presenting each cycle in its entirety. The viewer can see the transformation of an idea, started in a drawing, developed into a lithograph to be brought into fruition in a painting. Each technique is characterized by a specific expressiveness of its own. The swift, anxious lines characteristic of the pencil drawings, the specific thickness of charcoal lines, the mellowness of egg tempera, the clear details and powerful message of the lithographs, as well as the expressive contrasting of colors in the artist’s paintings reveal his artistic leanings and his willingness to find the best way of expressing his ideas.






Nikolay Maistorov was born in 1943 in Sofia.

In 1969 he graduated from the “Nikolay Pavlovich” Higher Institute of Visual Arts, majoring in Painting under Prof. Nenko Balkanski.

He has been an active member of the national art scene, working mainly in the fields of painting and graphic arts. He is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists.

His teaching career started in 1972. In 1997-1998 he became the founder and manager of “Atelier 19“ in Sofia. He is a lecturer at the New Bulgarian University, where he was awarded honorary professorship in October, 2013.

He has had numerous solo exhibitions, including: “Paintings From a Drawer“, “Loran“ Gallery, Sofia, 2013; “Graphic cycle of lithographs “Don Quixote“ Cervantes/Unamuno“, “Loran“ Gallery, Sofia, 2012; Graphic cycle of lithographs “The Song of Songs“. Solomon, “Prolet“ Gallery, City of Burgas, 2012; “Drawings based on Pablo Neruda’s 100 Love Sonnets“, “Vazrazhdane“ Gallery, City of Plovdiv, 2012; “Creation” based on the The Book of Genesis – Holy Bible, The Old Testament, 6 “Shiplka“ St. Gallery, Union of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia, 2009; Exhibition of Paintings, National Art Gallery, Sofia, 2003; Exhibition of Graphic Artworks, “Vazrazhdane“ Gallery, City of Plovdiv, 2002; Exhibition of Paintings, Sofia City Art Gallery, 1998; Exhibition of Paintings, CBK GSA galerie Hilversum, the Netherlands, 2011; Exhibition of Graphic Artworks, Cité des Arts, Paris, France, 1998; Exhibition of Graphic Artworks, Düsseldorf City Theater, Germany, 1992, etc..

The artist has won numerous awards, including: the “Zahari Zograf” National Painting Award (2005); The “Golden Quill“ annual culture award of “Classic FM” Radio (2003); an award of the “SS Cyril and Methodius“ Foundation presented at the 11th International Graphic Arts Biennial “Varna `01“ (2001); honorary certificate awarded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria for outstanding contribution to Bulgarian culture (1998); Painting award presented at the International Painting Triennial “Sofia 96“; The Grand Prize of the Union of Bulgarian Artists for outstanding  exhibition (1996); Graphic Art Award presented at the International Humor and Satire Biennial, City of Gabrovo (1987); The “Vladimir Dimitrov – the Master” Grand Prize for Painting, Union of Bulgarian Artists (1986); Critics’ Choice Award for Painting, Union of Bulgarian Artists (1984).

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