Лого на Софийска Градска Художествена Галерия
Анимация по време на зареждане


17 November 2005 - 11 December 2005


For the past few years, Lyuben Genov has influenced the Bulgarian artistic space with his audacious abstract compositions, preference for complicated hues of color and large-scale canvasses letting him to completely spread out his ideas. 

His works featured in the present exhibition have been created especially for it. They are a new stage in his development as a creator- deeper and insightful, drenched with multilayer experiences and emotions.

Lyuben Genov was on 18 November 1966, in the town of Oryahovo.He graduated from the School of Arts in the town of Troyan and in 1991- from the ’Saint Ivan Rilski’ Institute of Pedagogy in the town of Dupnitza, where he studies painting under Ivaylo Popov. In 1993 he became one of the first students of the 'Julius Pascin’ private academy in Sofia, major Painting in the class of Dolores Dilova and Nikolay Maistorov, and in 1996 completes the Master class of the academy. He has been a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists since 2001, Department of Painting.
He has been actively interested in painting since the beginning of the 90’s, has been carrying out numerous solo exhibitions and participating in joint and national exhibitions, biennales and triennials of painting and in curators’ projects. 
He received an award from the National Painting Contest, whose theme was ‘The Bulgarian Spiritual and Material Culture- Our Identity to Europe’, in 2001. In 2002 won the contest by the Union of Bulgarian Artists for his stay and work at Cite Des Arts in Paris. 
His works are owned by private collectors in Bulgaria and abroad – The USA, England, France, Hungary and more.

ASEN VASSILIEV 105 years from his birth painting, drawings, documents

10 November 2005 - 16 December 2005


Asen Vassilliev was born on 2 June 1900, in the town of Kustendil. In 1925, he graduated painting from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia under the Professors: Dimitar Gyudjenov, Nikola Ganushev, Stefan Ivanov and Nikola Marinov. 1926 – 1940: works as a secondary school teacher in Berkovitza, Shumen and Sofia. 1957 – 1959: an assistant-director of the Institute of Art History at the BAS /Bulgarian Academy of Science/. Since 1974 –Professor at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia; member of the ‘Union of Contemporary Art’ and one of the founders of the Union of Bulgarian Artists in Bulgaria. 

As an artist, Asen Vassilliev works in the field of compositions with everyday objects and historic compositions, portrait, landscape and still-life. His works can be seen in all museums in Bulgaria and in collections in Germany, France, Romania, Serbia amd Monte Negro, and more. As an art-historian, he works predominantly in the field of Bulgarian Revival. He also takes part in numerous complex scientific expeditions of the BAS. He cooperates in magazines dedicated to art and archaeology. He is the author of 34 monographs and books and of large number of articles. 

The exhibition features painting, graphics and drawings, owned by the Sofia Art Gallery, The National Art Gallery, the ‘Vladimir Dimitrov-Maistora’ Art Gallery in the town of Kustendil, Art Gallery in the town of Stara Zagora, private collections and documents of the Central State Archive and the ‘Ivan Duichev’ center of Slavic- Byzantine research. 

The objective of the present exhibition is to call to remembrance of the work of the eminent artist and art-historian Asen Vassilliev, who left a deep trace in Bulgarian culture. 

MEETING POINT Assia Kovanova and Kamen Tanev. Genesis

09 November 2005 - 30 November 2005


Shape formation is the basic matter in Kamen Tanev’s creative work. The process of its differentiation in space follows its own inner logic. The latest trend in the sculptor’s artistic groping comes one step closer to the liberation of the shape from its creator’s will. As a perfect container, the sphere reincarnates the idea best. The spherical elements initially popped out in the author’s consciousness when he looked at tennis balls closed in vacuum. They evoke the impression of something organic, of a unique life form. Kamen has begun to explore these shapes in different types of space and in varying scales. In the present exhibition, the author is aiming at the maximum closeness with nature serving as the most suitable context for perception of its organic creatures. The metamorphoses they go through have been ‘shot’ by Assia Kovanova. The video allows the tracing of the shape-creation process forming a significant and inseparable part of the life of completed shapes in the exposition. The stages of their self-identification suggest that this phase may not be the last one. 

Yana Kostova
curator of the exhibition

LIUBEN DIMANOV painting, prints, drawings

02 November 2005 - 23 November 2005


Liuben Dimanov was born in 1933 in the town Knezha. In 1959 he graduated in ‘Decorative Monumental Arts’ from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, under Professor Bogdanov. The painter has become permanently interested in graphic art, illustration and drawing. In the same time he has been working in the field of painting and mural-monumental art. He has been an active participant in international life since the time of his graduation – he took part in the Youth Biennale in Paris in 1961, 1963, 1965, and in the graphic art biennales in Ljubljana, London, Rome, Australia, Moscow, Sao Paulo. 

He organized his first one-man show in 1972 in Knezha. It was followed by exhibitions in Sofia, Stockholm, London, Paris, Düsseldorf, Zurich, Lyons, Oslo, Luxemburg, Copenhagen, Vienna and many more. Liuben Dimanov is the author of numerous illustrations and graphic folios for editions by Bulgarian and world authors. Some of the books he has worked on are: Mark Aurelius ‘Pensee pour moi-meme’ – 1978, Paris; Baudelaire ‘Flowers of Evil’ -1979, Dusseldorf; Selma Lagerloeuf ‘The saga of Joster Berliner’-1980 Galleriet Oster, Sweden, Ovidius ‘Metamorphoses’ -1981, Paris, Apoliner ‘Alcohols’ -1981, Shakespeare ‘Sonnets’ – 1983, Stockholm, ‘Le Bestiaire’ –1984, Paris, ‘When the flame and the rose are one’– 1986, London, Mallarmee ‘Mytologie’ -1991, Paris and more.

He has received numerous awards in the filed of graphic art and drawing, as well as awards for his book illustrations both in Bulgaria and abroad. In 1974 he won Second Prize for illustration at the International Book Exhibition in Moscow. In 1986 he received the Painting Prize of the International Contemporary Art Center in Paris. 
The painter, who went to live in Paris in 1976, is a guest of the Sofia Art Gallery with a large retrospective exhibition. This is his fifth representative exposition in the capital – after the exhibitions at the National Academy of Arts in 1980 and 1983, in the gallery in 125 Rakovski Street in 1989, and in the National Gallery for Foreign At in 1995. 

The present exhibition includes paintings, drawing, collages and graphics in which the techniques of etching, lithography and monotype can be observed. The works exhibited trace different stages in the creative life of Liuben Dimanov. Works from the painter’s early period are featured in the exposition –the time when he worked in Bulgaria (60s to mid 70s of the 20th century) and works created after 1976. They are united by the power of the monumental, synthetically simplified drawing and the dynamics of the color spot. The basic means of expression used is the line. We can observe it in its various types- from the plastic creation of the shape, through the skillful outlining of the drapery to the symbolic associations provoked by the detail. 

PROF. HEINRICH DUMSER (1926-2005) painting

21 October 2005 - 13 November 2005


Heinrich Dumser was born on 28 November 1926, in Vienna. In the period 1941-1943 he studied at the Professor’s Hans Kautzki studio; scenography and stage techniques under Professor Nidermozer; figural and portrait drawing under Professor Kepel. He began work as a theatre painter and assistant at the Vienna Volksoper in 1945. He became a Director of the painting studios in the same opera in 1965. In 1967 he took part in an exhibition at Künstlerhaus, Vienna; and in 1968 he took part in an exhibition of the Wien Secession. In 1972 he became an Assistant Director of the drawing schools of all state theaters and taught students of theatric painting. He was awarded the Golden Symbol of Honor of the republic of Austria in 1974. In 1986 he had a solo exhibition within the Vienna festival Weeks. 1990 – Professor of Painting. Died on 3 March 2005. 

Professor Heinrich Dumser worked in the field of painting and scenography. He was one of the most prominent theatric painters in Austria, designer of numerous theatric performances and teacher of generations of scenography students. He received his in-depth scenography knowledge from practice, guided by renowned names of the Austrian theatric circles. His painting is highly influenced by his theatric sense of colors and dramatic effect. He achieved expressive, intense states having emotional impact on the senses. 

The Sofia Art Gallery presents 69 paintings created within 1983- 2004.

STYLES UND STILE Contemporary German Painting from the Scharpff Collection

04 October 2005 - 30 October 2005


Goethe Institut-Sofia and Sofia Art Gallery have the pleasure of presenting contemporary German art exhibition. 30 paintings by 12 artists exemplify the most recent trends in the development of German painting.

Traditional painting has been out of the public interest, as conceptual strategies and experimenting with new expressive means became dominant. Since the 90’s, however, representatives belonging to the generation of the youngest German artists working on the territory of United Germany have been actively redirecting themselves to painting. Different, mostly figurative artistic languages have started to appear. 

Their painting has a new global aesthetics, defined by photography and film-making, by computer graphics and industrial design. In the paintings exhibited, traditional figurative languages are linked to the 20th century typical expressionist and socialist realism styles. Thus, a new kind of universal situating of fashion as styles, unique for each artist, is created. The power of the works is born from the contradiction between video games and neo surrealism, nostalgia and revision of the old, expressiveness and cool objectiveness.

During the past years, paintings by Neo Rauch, Franz Ackermann and more artists have conquered not only the international expressive art markets but also museums and exhibition halls from Western Europe, the USA and Japan. The Ute and Rudolf Scharpff family of collectors have been far-sighted about this new painting well before its boom. The present exhibition features selected works from their collection. 

The exhibition features works by: Franz Ackermann, André Butzer, Eberhard Havekost, Andreas Hofer, Martin Kobe, Jonathan Meese, Albert Oehlen, Neo Rauch, Daniel Richter, David Schnell, Markus Selg, Matthias Weischer.

Curator: Nina Zimmer

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue in German and Bulgarian language. 

Svetlana Todorova - Svet 33 plus/minus 3 portraits of friends of mine

20 September 2005 - 16 October 2005


Svetlana Todorova was born in 1970. In 1996 she graduated from the National Art Academy, Sofia, with major Graphic Art, and then her interests led her to painting, sculpture, drawing and photography. She has had numerous personal shows and participations in joint projects in Bulgaria and abroad. She has won awards from the ‘Photovacation’ contest and the contest UBA for her stay at the Cite des Art studios in Paris. At the end of 2004, the Sofia Art Gallery presented her with the ‘Passions’ photographic exhibition, within the ‘Dating place’ sequence. 

For her new project named “33 plus/minus 3 portraits of friends of mine”, Svetlana Todorova found her inspiration two years ago in Paris, while working at the Cite des Art studios in Paris. Meeting her coevals from all over the world, the exceptional tolerance of relationships with people coming from different cultures, religion and ethic origin, living in a place with inherited artistic layers and dramatic history, the symbiosis of past, present and future, the life pulsating with rose scent, the feeling of love and peace – this is what fascinates the artist. Thus, her desire to create the “33 plus/minus 3 portraits of friends of mine” canvasses is born, and in them she talks about the moods, relationships, and events connected with her friends at the age of 33 plus/minus 3 years. They all have different ethic origin, most are into art, possess an exceptional intellect, talent and kindness. They have their own individuality and uniqueness. They are the face of the world – the young and mature person - creating, searching and loving. 

THE WINDOW paintings and graphics from the collection of Sofia Art Gallery

16 June 2005 - 18 September 2005


The Sofia Art Gallery has a comprehensive collection of paintings, sculptures and graphic art works collected for more than 70 years. It comprises about 7000 works by Bulgarian classics, modernists, and contemporary artists stored in its storage areas. The objective of each museum institution is to give the opportunity to spectators to get familiar with its rich funds. During the past years, the SAG has been organizing a number of thematic exhibitions, showing the diversity of its collection. More than 100 paintings and graphic art works are included in the exhibition, created at the beginning of the 20-th century until present. 

The window theme has always provoked interest in artists and has been present in art for ages.The present exhibition offers the opportunity of tracing its development in Bulgarian art in the past one hundred years. The works are divided into several cycles: the window and the still-life, the window and the interior, the window and the studio, the window and the portrait, the window and the city, the window and the expectations.

The exhibition features works by classics in Bulgarian art: Nikola Mihaylov, Elisaveta Consulova-Vazova, Elena Karamihaylova, Bencho Obreshkov, David Peretz, Eliyezer Alsheh, Boris Eliseev, Ivan Nenov, Kiril Tzonev, Ekaterina Savova- Nenova, Boris Ivanov, Vera Lukova, Vera Nedkova and also works by contemporary artists: Svetlin Roussev, Yordan Katzamunski, Yordan Kissyov, Nikolay Aleksiev, Toma Vurbanov, Kalya Zographova, Mimi Vesselinova, Stephan Rodev, Tecla Aleksieva, Roumen Gasharov, Stephan Yanev, Marianna Marinova, Vihronii Popnedelev, Andrey Daniel and more. 

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue in Bulgarian and English language with 78 colour reproductions.

Curator of the exhibition is Maria Vassileva. 

Elegance in Motion: Ballet and the Visual Arts

19 May 2005 - 12 June 2005


The U.S. Embassy will display an exhibit of sculptures, paintings, photographs and graphic works as part of Ambassador and Mrs. Pardew’s Honorary Patronage this year of the National Ballet of Sofia. The exhibit entitled “Elegance in Motion” is made up of works by ten Bulgarian artist who have spent the past year observing the rehearsals and performances of the National Ballet. The artists displaying works are: Edmond Demirdjian, Safer Galibov, Lyuben Genov, Ivo Hadjimishev, Dessislava Mincheva, Emil Mirchev, Ivan Moskov, Emil Popov, Yavora Petrova and Snejana Simeonova.

Action: Contemporary Art Boryana Rossa works in public collections

17 May 2005 - 05 June 2005


The purpose of the “Action: Modern Art” is to supply the newly established collection “Modern Art and Photography” and to promote the latest trends in Bulgarian art. The Sofia Art Gallery staff are convinced that the mission of their institution is to appraise, select and store the best examples from the past and the present day of art. In our circumstances this function is even more important given the lack of a Museum of Contemporary Art. Several generations of artists have been employing the new means of expression for some twenty years now, however, their works have not been and are not included in museum collections. This disturbing fact inspired our vigorous effort to conserve this art. Unfortunately, because of shortage of money we have to rely on donations from artists. The exceptionally valuable donation “Vanitas” of Nadezhda Oleg Lyahova was displayed within the framework of this project in October 2005.

The Sofia Art Gallery is now happy to report about its new gift acquisition from the artist Boryana Rossa. The donation includes 18 digital photographs and four videos. The exhibition “Boryana Rossa in Public Collections” will display part of the donation. 

The series “The, Good, the Bad, the Ugly”, 2001 (5 digital color photographs) is Boryana Rossa’s comment on the status of the woman in the post socialist society where she lives outside the extremity of radical feminism; in her vision “the blood of the revolution gushes into the red color of the lipstick”. “Cloning” (1997) is an emblematic work, which illustrates the risks of cloning in a perfect way. “I’ve Lost…” (2002) is a series of four photographs that are a remake of the little known erotic photography of the 1950s. The reinterpretation and modernization of the profane image, which the artist’s effort has transformed into an apotheosis of female slavery – into a violent feminist proclamation, provokes, if not laughter, at least a bitter smile. In “Are You Happy? Yes, I’m Happy!” (two photographs) Boryana Dragoeva-Rossa exults over being a woman. 

Boryana Rossa is one of the most interesting and radically minded young artists from the past decade. Her vocation fields are the video, photography and performance. Her works are displayed at dozens of exhibitions in and outside Bulgaria; she participates in international seminars and workshops as one of the distinguished new figures in modern Bulgarian art.

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