Лого на Софийска Градска Художествена Галерия
Анимация по време на зареждане


05 February 2004 - 28 February 2004


The creative work of Georgi Pavlov-Pavleto is frequently said to imply feelings of lyricism and immediacy. His style bears resemblance with that of the School of Paris, typical with its clear and pure colors and highlighted linearity. His landscapes, depicting views of the capital’s suburbs are among the best creations in the genre. 
The exhibition features paintings from the Chiprovtzi Municipality, The Stara Zagora Art Gallery, Sliven, Pazardjik, Burgas, Kazanluk, Sofia Art Gallery and private collections. 
The exhibition is organized on the initiative of Stara Zagora Art Gallery, with the support of the ‘Malki Bulgarski Hora’ National Organization, National Initiative Committee, the municipality of Chiprovtzi, the National Business Post. 

IVAN B. IVANOV painting

01 February 2004 - 28 February 2004


The exhibition at the SAG presents one of the artist’s latest cycles that synthesizes his search in the direction of the abstract but creating associations imaging.

MEETING POINT Jury Staikov & Toma Vasharov The evolution is a trademark of human Evolution

20 January 2004 - 27 January 2004


The project includes two short video films with duration of 3 and 6 minutes as two parts of one video-installation. The video with duration of 6 minutes is a background of the shorter movie, which bears the main concept. 
More accurately, the concept is displayed as a game and undisguised irony through elementary and easily identifiable metaphors. The idea of the impossible revolution stays in the center. 

MEETING POINT Samuil Stoyanov Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

18 December 2003 - 15 January 2004


Opposite or complementing, incompatible or logically interrelated are the paintings in this exhibition? The fact that on one canvas two formally anonymous images are situated does not always mean that they do not have a unified logic. “Vecherni novini” (“The Evening News”) contradicts one “accidentally caught frame” from the street traffic to another “accidentally caught frame” from the news of the Katar television. But maybe nothing is accidental. Under what logic “Rocko and Rock” combine the portrait of a Bulgarian boy and American actor? The narrative of the works is apparent, but there are many alternative possibilities for new “reading” and interpretations, which increase with each subsequent look. Maybe the laconic contradiction of formal values in a “Picture without a name” is far less definite.

Daniela Radeva

GEORGI BOYADJIEV - BOYADJANA Jubilee exhibition paintings and plastic art

11 December 2003 - 25 January 2004


The exposition includes 69 paintings and 10 sculptures and is of retrospective nature - from 1960 to the first days of December 2003. 


02 December 2003 - 16 December 2003


Svetlana Todorova’s “Passions” installation represents a modern and original photographic vision. Her versatile interests in the field of visual art, the free experimenting and the mastering of different means of expression logically lead her to the creation of a specific, very individual author’s style in accord with the contemporary time.
The passions and feelings, the complex relations, the internal file of the person are the fundamental issue she is interested in – this eternal subject which she manages to interpret her own intriguing way. The human face and his expressive strength completely absorb her attention. The face, always realistically expressed, is taken out of the real environment and time and is embraced in an atmosphere reminding a surrealistic dream where unexpectedly incompatible elements interlace: flowers, fish, blond locks of hair, gypsum masks, metal chains, thin cut plaits... 

Stefania Yanakieva

HOLIDAY! Painting from the gallery collection

01 December 2003 - 31 December 2003


This exposition is dedicated to Christmas and New Year celebrations. Through it Sofia City Art Gallery would like to greet its viewers and wishes them good mood and many new meetings with art. 

The exhibition features 27 paintings of canvass by 19 Bulgarian artists. The paintings are selected on a thematic principle and each depicts a celebration: wedding, birth, motherhood, play, carnival, horo dancing, Sunday, vernissage and others. The diversity of topics, the originality of interpretations and the uniqueness of the artistic style have created a rich in suggestions exposition. It is full of joy, optimism, and positive attitude towards life. 


04 November 2003 - 30 November 2003


The exhibition of Stanislav Pamukchiev is a synthesis of his creative search during the past ten years. It features works that best express the author and most thoroughly disclose his credo. In the gallery’s halls works from the five main cycles can be seen: Ashes /1993-1996/, Precipitated time /1998/, Spaces /1999/, Relicts /2000/, Passing /2001-2003/. The author’s aim is the separate stages to be shown, the change of language form figuratively expressive to informal to be underlined, to be traced the directing towards the object and spatial composition and the return to the figurative. 


02 October 2003 - 21 October 2003

For the 100th jubilee dedicated to the birth of the artist Zlatyo Boyadjiev, the SAG presents an exhibition with 35 works from the 40s, 60s, and 70s of the 20th century. 

Svetlin Roussev Painting and Drawings Selected 1949 - 2003

14 June 2003 - 30 July 2003


The exhibition at the SAG has a retrospective nature and includes the period 1949 - 2003. The paintings presented show characteristic and important stages in the development of Svetlin Roussev as an artist for more than half century. 

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