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CONTEMPORARY ART MASTERPIECES From the Collection of Boyan Radev

09 January 2003 - 09 February 2003


In 1975, the painter Stoyan Illiev gave Boyan Radev the painting Girl with a Bird painted in 1967. Thus started the story of a remarkable collection ranging from works of contemporary artists combined with painting and sculpture from the whole XX century, icons and church plate from the and the Revival perod, to Antiquity works. Almost for 28 years, Boayn Radev has been collecting creations of Bulgarian artists and monuments found in Bulgarian lands. 

This is the first time when art connoseurs will have the chance to see contemporary art of this collection. In two of the halls of the Sofia City Art Gallery 190 paintings and 60 sculptures are exhibited created at the end of the 60s of the last century until present.

Vienna Architecture preservation and restoration of the city State of Arts III

11 November 2002 - 04 December 2002


The 140 buildings were designed by more than 140 architects and creators 7presented in the exhibition. The buildings that were completed (or started) during the last four years reflect the most important tendencies in contemporary Viennese architecture and also a way of preservation and restoration of the precious city’s building heritage. 

CONSONANT AND DISSONANT Nine Studies in Contemplation

07 November 2002 - 05 December 2002


To expose side-by-side works of art from the past couple of years and classic works of art has been an incredibly tempting, almost heuristic task. The very idea to select the artists and construct an artistic pair has been marked by its own history and abounds in sudden turns. Sometimes, it was the classic work that made me choose its modern counterpart but in most cases it was the contemporary artist and his/her latest works that had sent me in search for a predecessor. What I have actually been looking for in everyone’s works was authenticity and meaning. Among the new names, I was specifically looking for very recent arrivals, not yet misused by the media. As for the works by well-known artists, I decided to opt for those that I thought conceptually justified. In all my efforts, my motif had always been to prove that a single work of art could stand for the whole world.
I also wanted to challenge others to think along the same lines and to discover layers, aspects and nuances; and to teach them to interpret the nucleus of imagery. I had deliberately disregarded usual parameters such as parallels in style or iconographic likeness. What I had been aiming at was to achieve, together with everyone else, something more precious and significant, namely the essence. As each pair naturally exhibited artistic differences, the dominant element in presenting them as a pair was also different. 
Such an approach is of course highly vulnerable and contesting it is also part of the game. The important thing is to try and gain insight into the understanding that it is the world of the painting that is infinite.

Ryja Marinska

IVAN MILEV (1897-1927) - IVAN MILEV (1957)
IVAN NENOV (1902-1997) - VESSELIN NACHEV (1958)

ONE OF THE FIRST Anna-Hen-Yosifova (1872-1931) Jubilee Retrospective Exhibition on the occasion of 130 years of her birth

24 October 2002 - 15 December 2002


The exhibition features 50 paintings – canvass and watercolor, 12 works of the applied art – furniture, objects and accessories, 45 drawings, sketches and projects, numerous archive documents, which present the works of an almost completely forgotten artist found her second homeland in Bulgaria. 
She was born in 872 in Germany, graduated from the Art-Industrial School in Brunswig, then still life with flowers in Hague; she participated in prestigious German exhibitions –Elberfeld, Brunswig, Kemnitz, Dresden. She participated in the union of German Artistic Associations, The Munich Union of Artists, the Association of Arts in Enhalt-Desau. 
Married to a Bulgarian, Yosifova came to Bulgaria in 1900. Here she became a member of the Contemporary Art modern association and took part in numerous exhibitions both in Bulgaria and abroad- Liege, Munich, Zagreb, Belgrade, and others. She received numerous awards. In 1907, she took part in a group exhibition in Sofia together with Nikola Mihaylov, Petar Morozov and Goshka Datzov.She made a one-man exhibition in 1930. She died a month after its inauguration, at the beginning of 1931. 
She became the first female artists who received wide public and professional acknowledgement with lasting presence in Bulgarian art life during the first half of ХХ century.

MOMENTS CAPTURED Photographs form the Vienna Historic Museum Collection

05 October 2002 - 03 November 2002

Vienna plays a major role in the development of photography. The city’s Historic museum owns a rich collection of about 250 000 photographs. About 300 photographs (among them daguerreotypes, stereoscopes and glass negatives) offer selected moments form an interesting and funny journey into Vienna’s past.

VIRTUAL AND REAL International exhibition small-scale graphic art

11 June 2002 - 07 July 2002


Project: LESEDRA Gallery 
Co-organizer: Sofia Art Gallery 

In November 2001, the requirements for participation in the exhibition of the Lesedra virtual gallery were announced. Thanks to the already established contacts, information appeared in several specialized sites and in one of the most important editions for contemporary graphic art- The Printmake Today magazine. This prompted the participation of artists from 11 countries – a natural start. In the meantime, the exhibition has become popular among Bulgarian artists, with special attention to young authors and students; their participation is a high-quality one. 
Result of the Internet contacts are the members of the international jury: Professor Catherine Reeves, Pardue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, the USA; Ms An Desmet, chief editor of the Printmaking Today magazine, London, Great Britain; Professor Barbara Madsen, Payson Gross School, Rudgers University, New Jersey, the USA; professor Akira Kurosaki, Seika University, Kyoto, Japan, and Professor Roumen Skorchev, Bulgaria. 

The SAG participates in the present exhibition with works of the graphic fund collection. Small-scale graphic art works of some of the most important names in Bulgarian art from the first half of ХХ century are included: Pencho Georguiev, Gorge Papazov, Nikolay Raynov, Petar Morozov.


04 June 2002 - 28 June 2002

Despite his diploma with major Graphic Art, as an artist Vladimir Ivanov is well-known with the diverse nature of his creative life. With his explicit interest towards contemporary expressive means, he chose the hard but favorable course in search of the contents and shape of an artwork with the ambition to be ‘with histime’. The exposition presents 25 years of work HERE AND BEYOND: on the border of two periods, on the border of two worlds, on the border of two spiritual territories – that of real life and the border of the endless fields of poetic imagination. The means vary – drawings, graphic art, plastic art works, objects, installations – towards the conceptual in art, whose territory emphasizes on the idea of the work, on the poetic paradox, and the plastic pun and through the lay with the ephemeral suggests the perpetual meaning of eternal human values.

OUT OF MYSELF Mariela Gemisheva. Danail Starbanov

18 April 2002 - 28 April 2002

To experts and viewers Mariela Gemisheva is known as a prominent fashion designer working in the field of experimentation. 

In the present exhibition- photographic installation, we are going to see her in a new role– as a model. This is a new role for her before Danail Shturbev’ s camera– and experiment with the different states of the female image carrying the risk regardless occupation, age, physique, and social pertinence. 
The photographic installation provokes our traditional notion of it. It consists of 13 colorful posters, organized in the space as a ‘static’ fashion show.


01 November 2001 - 01 December 2001

The exhibition presents 51 authors with 170 paintings owned by the SAG. These works were created between the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th century.

The period spotlighted is exceptionally rich in stylistic trends. It started with the first academic artists in Bulgaria, educated abroad and later created the bridge between religious and worldly painting. Ivan Dimitrov, Nikolay Pavlovich, Georgui Danchov are among them. 

Then follow the representatives of painting of country life, which became the main and leading genre after the Liberation in 1878:
Ivan Murkvichka, Ivan Angelov, Anton Mitov, Yaroslav Veshin. 

The works of the defendants of symbolism and secession in Bulgarian art are of major interest: Stefan Ivanov, Ivan Milev, Sirak Skitnik, Nikolay Raynov, Goshka Datzov, the early works of Vladimir Dimitrov Maystora. 

The development of the impressionism could also be traced in the exhibition through its earliest representatives: Nikola Petrov, Assen Belkovski, Elena Karamihaylova, Elissaveta Consulova-Vazova, Nikola Mihaylov, Nikola Marinov, Nikola Tanev and others. 

Viewers will have the possibility to get familiar with the establishment of the separate genres in Bulgarian painting: portrait, landscape, still life, naked body, which started exactly at the beginning of the 20th century. The exhibition clearly demonstrates the opening of our art towards the most topical trends in Europe in the 20 s and their mastering in the conditions of the specific local situation. 

Historically, the period is visualized through everyday objects, kindly provided by the National Historic Museum, The Museum of History of Sofia, and the Ethnographic Museum. 


27 June 2001 - 31 August 2001

This is the first time when the artist Hristo Stefanov presents his huge comprehensive creative work collected on the occasion of his 70th Jubilee. The admirers of this famous Bulgarian artist will meet with his versatile creative work and will trace his exceptionally rich artistic life from his earliest ages (his first picture preserved was drawn when he was 12 – a remarkably precise and full of life portrait of the artist’s uncle), through the popular then Plovdiv period from the 60s, to his most recent paintings. The main line in the author’s creative evolution is found in his numerous portraits – a genre, in which Hristo Stefanov is a renowned master. Among the celebrities of national and international scale that attracted the painter’s trained eye, there are a lot of contemporaries who will have the chance ‘to meet themselves’ through the prism of the artist’s expressive painting. Favorite themes in Hristo Stefanov’s figurative compositions are his family, traces left from human suffering, poetic optimism, nature. The topics provoking restlessness are predominant in his latest painting cycles- the end of the century, entomological compositions, landslides. Abundant exquisite small-scale still life works create vivid accents. Using canvass or paper, sumptuous oil paste, liquid water color or fine nib Hristo Stefanov is an indisputable master; close in his sensitivity both to the reserved Bulgarian iconic painting heritage and to the emotional Latin American and Spanish artistic expression, but preserving the intransitive individualism of his strong creative personality through his whole artistic development.

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